Bra extenders, bra straps and other corsetry accessories

Dalay products: Bra esxtenders, bra straps, wires and cups

DALAY presents a wide range of corsetry products in order to offer all kinds of solutions to underwear. In the catalog we find the traditional bra extenders and bra straps for bras, wires and cups of different types, hook and eyes tapes, elastic ribbons, steel boning, protectors and other accessories.

In order to offer a variety of options in the corsetry market, DALAY products have a variety of sizes, measures and colors. The objective is to continuously adapt to the market and the changing needs of people to facilitate comfort in the use of these items and to be able to wear the garments in the best conditions.

Main Categories

Bra Extenders

Corsetry bra extenders for bras

Wires, cups and protectors

Metal wires and corsetry cups for bras or swimsuits


Bra straps and corsetry and lingerie accessories

Other accessories

Hook and eyes tape, pocket repair, insoles for shoes and steel boning

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